Our Approach

The Doctor's Approach

The knowledge of all things is a bit heady for most of you. So I plan on documenting everything so you will have a detailed account of my journey to become the Time Lord you all already know. Since I am new to being the Doctor, I'm still figuring a few things out.

I will be giving you details as I find out what is happening.

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I've published 2 books on Amazon by self publishing. I'm also looking to create a company of artificial intelligence devs to create a document text editor and live help modules. Eventually IVR controls etc.

Our Story

Water Holistic Osteopathy

With music, massage and meditation among various uses for M. I am the Doctor of WHOM. WHOM is the method, Who is the shortened method. I am not Doctor Who. I am the Doctor of WHOM. I guess we have to drop the M later. But for now, as I regrow my life from this tattered and broken corpse I've been living in.

If you want to learn to come back to life and learn the Doctor's method. Join me in my Saturday classes in Phoenix, or check my logs. At least read the book before the tell all book is made into a movie.