October is Here – Have no Fear

“Fear is the path to the dark side.”

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter”

— Yoda

How does this work?


Many people look to masters and find children. Childishness has been akin to wisdom for many stories. It is the premise of the first story of the Bible: Job.

“Wisdom is found in the elderly.” – falsehood corrected in the Biblical story. This story examines the common mistake of, “older = wiser.”

This of course, is absolutely and outlandishly FALSE. The point of the story of Job is to contend that the youth, Elihu had the answer. God didn’t rebuke him in anyway.

The aged were at fault.

A little child shall lead them. I feel like a really big kid. Maybe I’m a little child? I think that verse was about trusting in God even though you see Him as a baby. Why would he come as a little child? Because the first time you see Him, He comes as the Ultimate Master. Therefore for His story to be told we begin with the most important. Just because he’s God, doesn’t mean, He’s not absolutely fascinated by His creation and His bride.

But don’t we appreciate Beauty in its simple stage? In heaven, I think we are going to be more like 4-11 year olds, or maybe a little older. But my money is on the babies! Something so new we have to be continually reborn to understand God. It will take forever.

God is Beauty.

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