While you have met other Doctor's before. My method is unlike western medicine. It doesn't involve pills. It involves motion. Every position you put yourself in will either hurt or heal you.

Managed Care

If you would like a healing partner while you also use Greek medicine, my rates are small. Each visit is only a $20 fee. I will cover what I think you should be doing to aid your healing and perform techniques to assist that healing.

Hands on Healing

If you qualify for our hands on healing method, these sessions are normally 10 minutes - 1 hour.

10 minute sessions - $50

1 hour sessions - $300

Martial Art

You may qualify for our martial art training, however I am very selective of who I teach.

Accredited schools believe in the Greek method of healing. That type of healing is based on the idea that managing care is only the application of surgical and medicinal healing only. We do not practice medicine this way. Healing is done by movements and compression.

Healing Session options

Typically these include massage, or simple Qigong positions to help heal your pain, in the case of disease we approach these in longer terms. For example, a typical diabetic, to learn the techniques to perform, usually 1 visit is enough for information. However most patients do not follow their recommended healing so we recommend at least 1 visit per week until you show results and can proceed on your own comfortably.

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Discounts available for disabled, veterans, and retirees.