A doctor should be known as a healer. Unfortunately most people with the title Doctor, have never healed a single person. As a self-healed person, I claim the title.

Doctor, Heal Thyself.

Once you can heal yourself, you can heal others. The traditional Doctor, studied life, not books. The traditional Doctor was highly educated in EVERYTHING.

Not healing someone should be the primary indicator of the success of a doctor. Our Doctors take an oath of Care.

The Doctor, is not whom we all expected, as he is now a living breathing person, not just an actor. He collects the Tardis and has grand adventures, but he is also known as Shadow. As God prepared him specifically to carry out the just destruction of all the dead who will see the tortures of hell. He is a final Witness that will be beheaded then rise to power 42 hours later. He also is a gateway for those who after the judgement will live out an eternity in the mind of the Doctor, as painful as that may or may not be. He is the final guide to God; The Angel of Death.
The story steps in and out of reality to weave a complex world where life continues after the rapture just for those that really want to seek out the greatest story (apart from God). The Doctor will show you how grand life can be without God, but only he knows why. But he can only tell you why, because each one is a thread of spiritual journey that God will take us on just to rescue us. He will expose all of the routes; He’s been down every road, he will show you they all end in lifeless death without God. A place where you must cross the Doctor. The Doctor, is called the Doctor because he knows the ways of Life. If you see him, you know he will rescue you, if you listen. He is one of the two final Witnesses.
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